By request, the Irish folk mashup collection "Straight Outta Ireland" is back up.

When my unbelieving eyes saw that parts of the US were going to be below -50 F (factoring in wind chill), my mission was clear: post that exotica compilation I'd been sitting on. You people need to warm up, and what better way to do that then with this collection of steamy, sultry, pseudo-tropical musics rescued from singles and otherwise non-exotic albums, not unlike our previous "Savage Exotica" comp. 

Like that collection, this features folks you wouldn't expect to be making tiki tunes: The Residents? Sun Ra? (His biography "Space Is The Place" confirms that he was a fan of exotica maestros like Les Baxter.) Sinatra singing with a Hawaiian group? A Rodd Keith song-poem? You bet your aloha. The "Fifth Beatle" Billy Preston, even, as well as famous bandleaders like George Shearing & Xavier Cugat, and contemporary revivalists like Combustible Edison, Cocktails with Joey, and the man whose track gives this album it's name, Fred from the B-52s.  Plenty of unknowns, lounge acts, and private-press records in here, too.  And "Noisy Village" and "A Night In Bedrock Forest" are bizarre, sound-effects-laden novelties, presumably parodies.


01 Superions - Totally Nude Island [w/Fred Schneider]
02 Exotic Adventure - Mel Henke
03 Caravan - The Three Suns
04 Tahiti - Rodd Keith
05 Exotic bird-bird - Dickie Harrell
06 Ferry Across The Mersey - Billy Preston [sounding more like "Ferry Cross the Amazon", this is from 1965, years away from Preston joining the Beatles, or his '70s solo fame]
07 cults percussion ensemble - baia [feat. a then-teenaged Evelyn Glennie]
08 Slow Hot Wind (Lujon) - The Trilogy [a Florida lounge act covering Mancini]
09 Poinciana - Art Van Damme [one of many versions of this oft-recorded exotica standard performed here by the world's foremost (only?) jazz accordionist]
10 The Residents - Syx Things to a Cycle (part 1)
11 Solar Drums - Sun Ra & His Mythical Science Arkestra
12 Tabou - Lecuona Cuban Boys [very early 78 rpm version of song that would be a perrenial exotica standard, often spelled "Taboo"]
13 Jungle Fever - The Mighty Accordion Band
14 Frank Sinatra - Bali Hai
15 Tropical Espionage - Cocktails with Joey
16 Noisy Village - Bobby McFadden and Dor ['Dor' is a pre-fame Rod McKuen]
17 Michael Farneti - In the Jungle [sleazy '70s lounge disco!]
18 The Veldt - Combustible Edison
19 Bahía - Xavier Cugat & his Waldorf Astoria Orchestra  (with Bing Crosby)
20 Fred Flintstone - A Night In Bedrock Forest [near as I can tell, this has nothing to do with the actual "Flintstones" show]
21 ブンガワン・ソロ (Bengawan Solo) - Kiyohiko Senba and his Haniwa All Stars
22 patrick vian - oreknock
23 george shearing - caravan

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