Tiny Tim: Concert In Fairyland

Annoying Animal Sounds Christmas Novelties , "Muppet Christ Superstar," my vote for the strangest musical instrument ever, and "Cool Cowboy" are back up - by request, strangely enough.

When legendary outsider oddball Tiny Tim was experiencing his late '60s fluke mainstream popularity, some low-level record company weasels dug up on old tape of Tiny singing classic old childrens and novelty songs and Tin Pan Alley standards, and for some reason decided to add some silly crowd sound effects. Tiny's voice certainly improved in the years following this recording. So Tiny never considered this part of his official discography, but there's still some good stuff here. Look at that song list - come on, don't you wanna hear a ukulele-strumming Tiny singing "On The Good Ship Lollipop" in his otherworldly falsetto ? 'Course you do!

With Love and Kisses From Tiny Tim: Concert In Fairyland

Oh, How I Miss You Tonight
Let Me Call You Sweetheart
On the Good Ship Lollipop
Secret Love
Animal Crackers
Indian Love Call
Don't Take Your Love from Me
If I Didn't Care
You Make Me Feel So Young
10 I Got a Pain in My Sawdust (an original recording of this somewhat disturbing song can be found HERE.)
11 Be My Love
12 Toot, Toot, Tootsie, Goodbye

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